Logic Pro 9 BCF2000 port 1 no longer visible in controller setup in Logic 9

Hi all,

This might be more of an Opus Locus question (that of LCXmu fame), however I thought that I would run it by some Logic people too.

I've been using my BCF2000 very successfully in Logic 9 for a while (after giving up on using it in conjunction with LCXmu and MidiPipe in Logic 7), however today I decided to try to use it again for the first time in ages. No sooner had I fired up LCXmu and allowed MidiPipe to 'hijack' port 1 of the BCF2K, than the port (both out and in ports) completely disappeared from the Controller Setup in Logic. The MidiPipe program says that the BCF Port 1 is 'offline'. I've attached a screenshot of this to show what I mean...

I've tried all sorts of things to get them back (turning things off and on, trying to reset the BCF2K), however I can't seem to do it for the life of me.

All I want to do is get back my BCF so that I can continue without LCXmu! Can anyone help me please?? Many thanks!



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