Logic Pro 9 Beaming in 6/4 options?


Is there a way to get the score editor to beam [in 6/4] pairs[sets] of 6 8th notes? The staff styles doesn't offer anything like this, could a 1/8 quantize choice make this automatic? I just tried that and it doesn't do what I want. How do I get the quantize choice in the score upper bar,sometimes its there, then not. When I use the key commands the beaming always jumps back to what it was[ three pairs of 4 8ths]. Thanks in advance.

I just found the info about beaming all the notes under one beam and then selecting just the last one where I want the beam to stop, and use the key command to unbeam-that removes the beam towards the right that had connected the two sets of 8ths,so ignore this unless you know a parameter setting that does it automatically.
Do you mean like this?


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Double click on the time signature and set beat grouping to 3+3 for two sets of 6 (or 1+1+1+1+1+1 for 6 pairs)

Display quantise won't affect this at all
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