Logic Pro 9 Beat mapping question


I have beat mapped a two bar audio loop, then added some midi drums, everything sounds perfect.
Now when I duplicate that loop, the tempo map doesn't copy and everything goes out of sync, I tried to select the tempo map and option/drag it, but this doesn't work either.

Am I doing something wrong, it seems like a simple enough thing to do.


Great ?
I had the same exact experience that resulted in copying and
pasting the loop on 2 tracks and finally merging the 2 tracks.
It worked but a little tedious. I couldn't afford to wait for an
answer at the time. I hope someone has a solution to this
problem. All the best to you!
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Is it long or short?

If it's long (the loop gets out of sync by adding time) select the audio and cut off the end with your scissors. Now it should loop correctly.

If it's short (the loop goes faster over time) then you will need to add blank audio to your loop. Stretching it will move the timing of everything ever so slightly, but you could try that by option clicking on the end of the loop and moving it over to the right (I think.. doing this from memory).

The issue is that you don't have exactly the correct amount of time selected.

George Leger III
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Well. I have the loop all trimmed up to, it a very short 2 bars loop.
Still when I copy the loop the tempo map stays where the last change was made within the map, in other word once you have beat mapped a loop and you copy it, the tempo map is not copied with it.
By shift/selecting the map like a regular automation, I was able to option copy the tempo map once out of 10 times, it's also very hard to find the hand tool to do that and most of the time, it moves the tempo map but doesn't copy it.
There should be a command preference to copy the tempo map with the audio region.
So far I have bounced my tempo mapped loop and my midi tracks to audio it seems to be the fastest way to get around this problemo !!!!
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So you are starting your song before bar 1 beat 1... and your tempo starts at bar 1 beat 1.

No wonder you are having a problem.

Logic's tempo, by default starts at the normal beginning of the song, which is bar 1, beat 1, tick 1. If you move the start time before this, the song start time doesn't move, and your song starts to play at 120, the default tempo of a new Logic song file.

I'm not sure why there is a tempo map, unless you have inadvertently created one by doing this stuff.

If you open your tempo menu, you can move the song start time to where ever it is you are actually starting it, and delete all the repeat tempo changes are in your tempo list.

Is this making any sense to you?

Any reason why you chose to start the song before

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My mistake.... 2 bar loop ( to on my event list.
The tempo map has been created first from beat mapping a polyphonic rhythmic event.
I also tried to copy the tempo changes in the event list without results.
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I also tried to copy the tempo changes in the event list without results.
This does work. You have to copy the tempo events in question, paste them, and without deselecting them in the list drag your mouse over the beat number in the first selected event. This will set all positions in the selected range to the new value.
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I'm not sure why there is a tempo map, unless you have inadvertently created one by doing this stuff.

Well, when you work with beatmapping, there's always a tempo map created (as opposed to mapping the beat to a fixed tempo, using stretching, slicing, flexing or whatever method).

Personally, I think a functionality to allow for better management of tempo "sections" is longtime overdue. Could be as easy as having a track along with tempo regions, which you could then cut, copy, paste, loop etc. - just as possible with normal regions.
As is, dealing with the event list, the tempo track and what not is rather cumbersome, especially in case all you want to do is to copy a short, beatmapped passage more or less all over the song. This should (and could) be a lot easier.

- Sascha
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Thanks Peter!
That definitely works in the events window and it seems to be the best way to do this, should I say only way...?
Anyway having the option to duplicate the tempo map along with creating a copy of a region would be nice, like duplicating the automation when you duplicate a region.
Problem fixed!!!!! thank you all.
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That definitely works in the events window and it seems to be the best way to do this, should I say only way...?
Not necessarily the only way, as usual ;)

I am not sure if the following works, but you may want to try it:

Activate the beatmapped audio region.
Menu Options -> Tempo -> Remove tempo information from audio file
Menu Options -> Tempo -> Copy tempo information to audio file
(this first removes the information, then copies the tempo from the tempo track right into the audio file)

Then copy the region to some other location, activate it and
Menu Options -> Tempo -> Copy tempo information from audio file
(this should set the tempo track to the tempo changes stored in the audio file). For more copies it should only be necessary to repeat the tempo-copy command.

Maybe the menu names are not exactly as I wrote them and it may not work in your case but this tempo features are rather new in Logic and it's worth to learn about.

It is also a good idea to bounce regions in place at certain stages in the production process or convert them to new audio files. I don't know what works best with tempo changes in loops because mine are always in continuous regions.
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Thank you Peter! that works very well to.

It's export / Import in the menu instead of copy to / copy from

You are right about the bouncing, it keeps it all together, then I can do some flexing and what not.
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