Beginner - Never used a DAW before


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Hi everyone, this is my first time using a DAW. Previously I used my MPC 2000, a Micro Korg, a turntable, cassette deck and that was pretty much it. Raw unmixed unmastered recordings.

I currently have an MPC X, an Novation Launchkey Mini MK III, a Mackie Big Knob Studio Plus, a Universal Audio Twin X Duo (mainly for the plug-ns), a Numark turntable and I am running the MPC software into Logic Pro.

I initially ran into difficulties integrating everything and just to get it all connected properly and integrated properly has been quite the task. I am running MPC Software in Logic Pro

I look forward to learning and reading all the threads that benefit me with the hopes of learning how to mix and master in Logic


Well done!
Putting a system together with proper connections and components that communicate correctly can be a daunting task.
Enjoy your new creative tools and music production options.