Beginning to look for Beta-testers


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Hi - I'm Chris Mandra, Product Specialist @ Intelligent Devices.

We're beginning to port our popular VST Plug-ins to AU and are starting to look for beta-testers.

Here's a link to some of the press we've gotten over the last 6 months regarding our plug-ins:

And here are some links to the VST versions of these plug-ins themselves:

The Marshall Time Modulator - now in a convenient plug-in size

Slip-N-Slide: The Spectral Interpolator

MegaDelayMass: the 100 tap delay

If anyone is interested in being considered for our upcoming beta-test program, please send an email to: with "I'm Interested in AU Beta-Testing!" in the subject heading.

Also, if I've chosen a TERRIBLE place to post this, or if there's a much more apropos place, please forgive me, and let me know where the better place is.

Thanks so much, happy holidays.


Chris Mandra
Product Specialist
Intelligent Devices