Logic Pro (X) Behringer X32 as control surface


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I'm trying to get an X32 to control Logic X in a live situation. I want to mix in the box through my external preamps and interfaces. I can setup transformers in the environment page to convert X32 fader movement into cc 7 to control up to 40 faders. In theory. I've only tried 5 so far but it should work.

The problem I'm having is muting the channels from the X32. I'm not seeing any midi cc's that control the mutes. The X32 sends out cc's from the mute beuttons. Anyone have any idea how I could accomplish that?
I think I figured out a workaround. I'm up to channel 19 and I think I can get to 40 or more. This X32 could be a "cheap" control surface and you get a nice mixer/FX/dynamics with it for free.
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