Logic Studio apps best controller for live shows using mainstage


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Hey, all - thanks for reading.
I am in the market for a new synth/ piano keyboard and I want to use it with mainstage for live gigs. Light is good for ease of transport.
Right now am looking at the KorgX50...
Any advice?
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So far, best keyboard I've seen is the VAX77, but its not terribly light, although it does fold up and roll. The feel of the keyboard is insanely great.

If you are after something really light weight, you should tell us what the feature mix should be. Do you need knobs/sliders/buttons/drumpads/etc?? because most controllers now come with that stuff.

I'm liking the Akai controllers at the moment. They feel great.

That said, I'm sitting in front of the new Impulse 25 from Novation right now. Its a nice step forward for them. Feels good, lightweight etc.
The VAX77 is incredible, and especially incredible with Mainstage, as it establishes 2 way communication and displays (and allows you to choose) your Mainstage patches directly from the keyboard.

Other than that - it depends on what your needs are. Keyboard feel vs. real time controllers. Number of keys. Type of key action(weighted or unweighted)
etc...... M-AUdio make some decent controllers that are both light and relatively inexpensive. Or if you want weighted keys - the digital pianos from Casio (Privia) are also light and inexpensive, and you could add a 2nd controller
for JUST knobs and sliders.
I've been trying a couple of knob boxes to put on top of the VAX77 when required. My favorite is the Kenton Killamix Mini. Like the VAX77 its a premium product, but fills a nice niche nothing else can match. It uses encoders and they have LED rings that automatically update to the current value after switching patches. Anyone using knobs on keyboards knows exactly why this is helpful.