Logic Pro 9 Best Environment resource?


I'm an old SVP maven, used to playing with midi data. Now i'm on-board with Logic and realizing I'm innerested in building interactive midi performance widgets in the Environment and want to get up to speed fast. What's considered the go-to resource for this kind of stuff? Cheers!
The resources page her is excellent. But if you're interested in learning stuff about the Environment you won't find in any books check out the Logic TNT Video tutorial series 1, 2 & 3 at macProVideo.com.

I've contributed a few environment videos to this series and I do work for macProVideo.com so I may be biased... but IMHO it's the best resource for someone looking to create interesting Environments and more in Logic -- and I recommend these to any of my clients looking to create MIDI mayhem in Logic's environment ;-)

Part 1 of the TNT series was shot mainly in Logic 7 with some videos towards the end in Logic 8. Logic 7 looks a little different to Logic 8 and 9 but the Environment's functionality is almost identical.

Hope this helps,
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