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Hi all,
I've been using MacProVideo tutorials for Core Logic and Ultrabeat, but I don't see any tutorials geared specifically towards music production and arranging specifically within this group. Groove3 has and interesting set of tutorials. http://www.groove3.com/str/music-production-with-logic-8.html and Logic Courses at http://www.logic-courses.com/ has what looks like a nice set of tutorials with some interesting production information. These things can be quite expensive so I wanted to check with you guys for your opinion.
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I'm the author of the video series you linked at Groove3.com. I won't give you a sales pitch on it, but I am available here (or e-mail directly) as a resource for any questions you might have.
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Wow, didnt expect the actual author to get back to me. Very kind of you yes I do have one question, do the techniques you lay out here apply to different styles of music or to any specific one in particular. I ask because i see some that teach techniques for doing say house music, which is great but I wanted just a good intro to song construction that wasn't too specific to a genre.
Thanks in advance!
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It's a great forum ain't it? ;)

I think the techniques are valid for most if not all styles of music. The tune built in this tutorial was a jazz RnB thing, something vaguely like what Maceo Parker might do. So the techniques covered are ones that came up for that genre, but certainly not limited to it. It covers everything I needed to do from start (drum tracks using loops) to finish (mixing and basic mastering), including creating a lead sheet. In between it covers recording and editing MIDI and audio and more. However, there is nothing on side chaining, for example, as I didn't need it for this.

It goes into some issues with loops that while still valid, have been replaced with flex options not available in Logic 8. Groove templates are a snap now, for example. Flex also makes it much easier to line up parts.

Feel free to go to the web site and look at the free video and the outline - it will help you know what all is covered and my style of presenting.
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