Logic Pro 9 'Best practice' for quantizing live drums


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Hi all (and sorry for posting this on the old yahoo forum - I guess here is where the action is)

I have a bunch of songs, that was recorded in Pro Tools and transferred to Logic 9. Everything was recorded live, with no click-track.

It is far from super tight, and the tempo drifts somewhat - sometimes quite a lot.

I would like to make the drums really steady and then quantize the rest of the band to the drums.

I dabbled a bit with Beat Mapping, but - as I understand it - that would mainly serve to enable me to quantize the rest of the band to the (still) drifting drums.

What is the preferred way to do this in Logic?

Thank you in advance 🙂
Are the drums multi miked? If so you need to group them and click on the pahse lock edit, then just flex one track, they all follow.

You can either do a standard quantise, or (sometimes preferable keep as is and just manually move some of the beats that drift.
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