Logic Pro 9 Best way for making stems


Hi guys,

I'm doing my first DVD project. Up till now I was mixing it stereo at my home studio, but the 5.1 mixing will be done in a different studio with Pro Tools. I was advised by the engineer in charge of making the 5.1 version, to hand him the project in stems, with all the plug-in processing, automation etc, already printed in the there.
My question now is what is the best way to do this.
When I used to work in PT, I made stems by routing the buses to tracks and then recording the loop. Does this method work fine in Logic? Some people say that its best to use the freeze function.
Well, basically what I want to know if there is a 100% fail proof way to do this without having to bounce the individual buses one by one.
Any ideas?

Can't use the freeze function, gives you 32 bit floating files (PT can't access them).

The way is to make new audio tracks, and then bus the current audio tracks with processing and FX into them using busses, the same as you would in protools.

Be careful to also record your FX returns (reverbs, delays, anything else) the same way.
Logic only has 64 busses, so you might have to do it in a few passes, depending on how many tracks you have in your project.
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