Beta tester needed!

Gerrit Junge

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Dear Logic users,

the Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH is looking for Logic users who would like to check out AU versions of upcoming VST3 plugins based on the new HALion 4 sound engine. If you would like to help to improve the overall quality of plugins like The Grand 3, HALIon 4 or a Hypersonic successor in conjunction with Logic then please follow the link below and fill out the questionnaire :

I'm looking forward to your applications

best regards
Gerrit Junge
Hypersonic is my favorite plug

I'm happy to hear about this. Hypersonic 2 is still my favorite plug. I still run Logic 7 for my live rig specifically because of Hypersonic and the multiple out issue with Logic 8 and 9.

H2 was one of the most under-rated and overlooked plugs which is too bad.

I just applied.

I'm hoping that being a user of multiple DAW (Logic is of course my primary work environment) will give me a chance to test out Halion 4 and Hypersonic.

Steinberg has really been doing a decent job of being present at the official forum and seems to be more focused on customer service. And continued development on the Mac platform.:thmbup: