Better Sample and Synth sounds for Logic


I just want to say that i have really enjoyed logic 9 and all its features.I just wanted to add to the "Wish List" I have played with protools 8 and was floored by the sounds i was hearing in Expand.Now i know its a sampler player and able to create some good sounds out of it,i was wondering if Apple could come up with there version of a "Sampler Player and Analog Synth.I love to create sounds in logic and wants some more toys to play with,that Sampler Player will just Be That "Swiss Army Knife" or Go to sound module when you can't find it in the Esx24 or ES2,Put the best sounds,current sounds for all Genre,thats Kinda what Expand is.I would like to see better guitars,basses,synths,piano's as well as drums,real drums,thats all for Now :)
try Absynth...

You might want to try Absynth. You can import samples into Absynth and treat them using the filters, effects, and envelope sections as well as combine them with waveforms. Absynth comes with a respectable library of samples, and waveforms, and there is a very healthy community of sound developers making Absynth sounds. Absynth works very well in Logic (as does all of Native Instruments software) and you can get a ton of support here:

If you want 'real' sounding instruments though, you might want to spend some time Googling and auditioning sample libraries for EXS, there's a ton of them...
If you have the scratch, Buy Komplete. It's got pretty much everything you could want. The Abbey Road Drums, in particular, I have gotten a lot of use out of.
by the way sample accuracy is obtainable only using exs24, kontakt is really nice but is not sample accurate, exs24 is perfect, like an audio track.
Yeah you just gotta take the time to "audition" as our senior member over here stated some good sounds EXS is legit no need to venture further