Better tuning implementation


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It's great that it's possible to use alternate tunings in Logic. Alas, there are some serious limitations:
1. You can have only one scale at a time, the same one in every instrument
2. The scale can not be changed in real time with a midi message etc. but must be set by hand in the Project Settings menu
3. Only 12-note scales are possible. Musicians that use alternate tuning systems often need scales that have more notes per octave, such as 15, 19, 22, 31, 43 or 53-note scales, to cite some of the most common.
4. User scales can only be saved using a separate script file

If these problems were solved Logic would simply be the leading application in alternate tunings due to the high quality of its instruments.

Many of the most advanced software instruments, such as Kontakt, Omnisphere etc. support alternate tunings and do not have these limitations.

I'm new to Logic 8. Maybe there is a way to change the scale while the song is playing (complaint 2. above) by using an automated macro for the operation? If so, could you please let me know how that works.