Logic Pro 8 BFD Crashing Logic


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Has anyone run into problems with BFD crashing Logic?
I'm using Logic 8.2 on a MP 2.8x4, 10gb RAM, Profire Lightbridge connected to an 02R96v2. Since updating BFD, it's been crashing Logic randomly: first Logic freezes then pow! Logic crashes (sometimes with no crash report).
Any help or corroboration would be greatly appreciated.


Actually, BFD 2 has been working really well here, not that I've used it a whole lot lately. I assume you've reported this the friendly folk at FXpansion? Might be a good idea to post them a couple of crash logs. ... when of course, you can capture it.
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No new problems here, but, I never thought BFD was ever extremely stable. I've been digging using Drumcore 3 here or there as an alternative as it's very easy on the cpu and the samples just have a nice "ready to go" sound to them for certain things. BFD obviously wins in the hyer realism category.
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