Logic Pro 9 BFD INstall Question


Hi All,

I'm currently in the midst of jumping head first into the exciting but complex BFD world. Wow, what a plug in!

The install, not unlike many of these complex plug ins, scatters little bits in all different areas of the system. No surprise there. But I have an install question I hope some of the experienced BFD users can help me with. I have installed the Deluxe package as well as the regular BFD 2 content. I'm not certain if I installed it correctly though.

I created a new folder on my samples drive, named it BFD (as opposed to BFD 2 which I created as well to house all the regular factory content) and installed the Deluxe content there. So, I now have two folders at the root level of my sample drive. One named BFD 2 and the other BFD.

Within the BFD plugin itself, I made sure to identify and scan both of those pathways. My problem is, I'm nto sure how to access the Deluxe kits? I can access the kit pieces form the kit piece load window. But the kits themselves are another story.

Do I have to manually move the kits in the Finder into one of the many insall directories on my system folder? I want to check before I mess up the original locations of this content so badly that I can't retrace my steps.

You probably have this sorted out by now, but from what I recall, when you go into the Load Kit page, all the kits should show up, uncluding the BFD1 and expansion kits even if you've added directories to the preferences page.

I have noticed that on occasion some of those things work better if they are setup and tested under the stand alone application, after which the plug-in follows the preferences better... I don't have access to the expansion kits on this system but I've used BFD on and off for a few years and that's what I recall.
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Hi Bob,

What I've figured out is that the kits don't appear in the regular "load kit" window even though I've scanned the directories, but if I choose the "import BFD 1" option, then it will import the kit. But only one at a time. Which is a drag.

I then found out (all from the BFD forum, which is really good BTW) that I can get them all in at once by running the setup wizard and enabling the "I have BFD 1 kits" checkbox. BFD then rescans the directories and recognizes the kits all at once,

My problem was that I didn't understand that these BFD Deluxe kits are considered as BFD 1 data.

Thanks for posting though. And any other little BFD tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. It's a real beast!! I'm just going to try and dig in to the sequencer section now - and my head hurts already :)
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