Big Sur - Apogee software (in)compatibilty

Pete Thomas

Staff member
Luckily I installed Big Sur on a bootable backup Clone.

  • Tested Ensemble Thunderbolt - all fine.
  • Rebooted - all fine. tested Logic and 3rd party plugins - all fine
  • Rebooted - Ensemble not recoginsed

I emailed Apogee and they confirmed intermittent issues with a link to their compatibility page:

I'd actually checked that page and saw this

Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 13.37.24.png

which to me implied it was compatible. I didn't bother with (see below) because I just assumed if they say Big Sur compatible (in those exact words, then it is compatible.

Maybe I'm Mr Pedantic, but if they'd said Big Sur Compatibility I would have read the (see below)