Logic Pro 9 Bit question



I have a problem with not hearing the drum (kit) sounds of BFD Eco in logic 9.1.6.
Their forum suggested booting LP9 in 16 bit then quitting LP9 and rebooting in 32 bit.
This is somewhat confusing to me as there are no such bit options in logic, only 24 bit.
Any idea what I'm missing here?

Yes, they gave the wrong numbers:
1) Open your applications folder
2) Select Logic, don't double click, just put your curser on it so it is selected
3) Press Command and i to open the get info tab.
4) There is a box there that says: Open in 32 bit mode.
5) Run Logic so that Logic recognize and verifies your plug-in, then quit Logic.
6) select your Logic app again in the Applications folder, and this time uncheck the "open in 32 bit mode" checkbox, then start up Logic.

What this procedure does is verify your plug-in in 32 bit mode and reverifies it in 64 bit mode. 64 bit mode will allow Logic and the plug-in (if it is 64 bit mode ready" to access as much ram as you have in your system.

And yes, Toontrack are about the worst company for support... it can take them days if not weeks to reply to a tech support question.

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George Leger III


Thanks for the reply George.
I went thru your procedure a number of times but without success.
According to the logic inst. loading menus BFD Eco is only available in 32 bit mode. There is no FXpansion (BFD) option available for the 64 bit (unchecked 32 bit) option. Strange that the 32 bit mode of logic doesn't work for BFD Eco since it shows up in the inst. select menu and clearly is triggering the kit icons when I play my controller. I can load all my other plug ins into this BFD Eco channel strip and they all respond when played from my Novation controller.
Well no wonder it was on sale for $29.
Is Toontrack the owner of FXpansion?
Thanks for the welcome and the best in the now new year.