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Logic Pro 8 Bizarre Behavior "Going Into" Take Folders


I've just come across some really strange behavior with take folders. Normally you double click to expand or collapse the view of the different takes in the Arrange Window. I just tried using the key command for "go into folder or region" on a take folder. Has anyone else tried this? It is truly bizarre.

It opens up the takes in what looks like a regular Logic folder - but you can't actually select or manipulate any of the takes. But, it _DOES_ allow you to double click on the current take to open it in the Sample Editor - something you can't normally seem to do with take folders in the Arrange Window. Using the "go out of folder or region" then reverts things to their previous state in the Arrange Window.

Truly bizarre!!
Maybe there is a real "take folder" behind the scenes, like the automation folder? Maybe this time they've hacked that so its contents are completely non-editable somehow, but the double-click is still acted on because it opens an editor? Maybe there's some other undocumented chink in the take folder's armour that will allow further manipulation?

Maybe it's Friday? Maybe I'm getting a little stir-crazy? Maybe I need to go rock climbing?


Hi John,

Thanks for replying - I agree this seems like real backdoor voodoo. But, can I infer from your post that you have tried it and experienced the same thing??
No, just speculating based on the way Emagic went about implementing track automation that we weren't supposed to be able to edit as regions (but can).


I'm kind of curious to confirm if anyone else is experiencing this the way I am. I have never heard or read about this specific "leak" on any Logic list or forum yet.
Now you've done it - exposed yet another oddity of Logic! Quick messing around with it and get back to making some music ;)

So I never knew about that "feature". Just checked it out and it seems to behave as you say (on my G5): Treat a take folder like a regular folder in that it opens up the folder (down a level) and shows you the regions, each on its own track. You're right, can't select them to do any manipulation, but can open the Sample Editor - actually at that point you can scroll to any of the "takes" as they're recorded linearly.

Was the command existent before L8? I've never used it. It works on on regular folders as double clicking does. Perhaps a misapplied key command?

Now, question for you - slight deviation, but ran across it testing this stuff. You have the Sample Editor open, click on take folder, it doesn't show in editor. How does Logic arrive at what is being shown in the Sample Editor? (Assuming there are other audio tracks/regions in project.) Mine reverts to another file that I'm not even sure is in the arrange and shows the bar line starting at bar one....


Hi Doug,

Glad to finally get corroboration on it! And I actually _was_ in the middle of making music when I stumbled on to this :)

FTR, these two key commands (go into/out of folder) have been in Logic for a very long time - although they modified the name in recent versions. It's original intent was specifically for going into and out of folders. It was an alternative to double clicking them to open and clicking in the background or the little close box in the upper left corner to close them.

They were also useful as a means opening an editor when used on a MIDI region. When used in conjunction with the preference for which editor was opened on double clicking, you could easily get to two different editors.

As far as what the open Sample Editor displays when you click on a take folder - beats me! :brkwl:

I'll take a look and let you know if I come up with any interesting theories.
I've had this happen to me but it's been during some random event. I don't think I was evoking any particular key command. In fact, I think it happened while I was recording something and then hit stop. It hasn't happened lately and I had forgotten about it until this thread. I've experienced some other bizarre behavior with take folders though that's for sure.

On another note, I've watched both of your videos at grooveboxmusic.com and wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job! It's allowed me incorporate using Logic confidently in my commercial recording studio this past year along side my other daws.


On another note, I've watched both of your videos at grooveboxmusic.com and wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job! It's allowed me incorporate using Logic confidently in my commercial recording studio this past year along side my other daws.
Hi Dave,

Thanks so much! Glad you've gotten some use out of them.... :band:
I just tried this to confirm. Also, when I am in a normal take folder and dble click on a take it does open up in the waveform editor for me. Is one just not able to edit it there (I didn't try)? Maybe you could do a tutorial on all the bizarre logic behavior!:D


Hi Dave,

Yeah - double clicking a take to open it in the SE window now works for me too. It didn't that one day I was doing the testing!! I'll attribute that anomaly to the sun, the moon, the rotation of the earth in relation to the position of the stars, and voodoo. But yeah, it does seem to work....