Logic Pro 9 Bizarre Mastering Volume Issue


hey guys......first off, I promise this isnt intended to be one of those volume wars "how do I make my mixes louder" things. bu t my issue does involve final volume issues. here is what is happening to me;

as i adjust my levels and get my mix where I want it and get all of my plug-ins adjusted the way I want them I then turn on my output meter plug-in....it's the IK multi meter that shows peaks, perceived volume and RMS.

my goal is to get my mix in the overall range of -10 to -6 in the perceived range etc.... and i do that......but after I bounce and then burn a cd the volume on the burnt cd is considerably lower than what it should be and what the meters were showing it would be.

i experimented last night and turned off my limiter and ran my stuff super hot...to the point that my peaks were well past digital zero and my perceived volume and RMS were running in the -2 range.....it should have been a sonic mess on the disc complete with clipping and popping.

BUT.....when I burnt that bounce to disc and placed the cd in a nother CD player with meters it showed the peak levels at roughly -6 to -8 and with the average looking like it was running in the -12 to -14 range.

I am just baffled and frustrated beyond belief......you have no idea how grateful I would be for any tips of advice on what could be causing this loss of volume. thanks in advance for your time.


I'm not an expert but I think that the playback levels you read could have something to do with the deck you are using... Also to consider, what have you used to burn the CD? Have you tried without the IK plugin?