Logic Pro 9 Bizarre new crash...


Anyone know anything about the following messages I just got, along with a crash...?




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A little help here...

What is your audio and MIDI hardware?

What is your OS?

What version of Logic?

What Logic editor were you working in?

What were you trying to do?

Has it ever worked for you before?
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apogee ensemble
unitor 8 mk2
in arrange window
never had it before.
now it's stopped but I have a new crash: when I move an audio region in arrange logic crashes!
I've trashed ALL prefs to no avail, and I also have an issue where logic starts 3 or 4 seconds late approx 1 in 5 times! I'm over it...


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I just went through this exact issue... it was ram. Sometime the ram tests don't get it, but this sounds EXACTLY like the issues I was having with another clients system.

Have you tried Garageband and see if it is also sluggish?

Finally, try this: in your utilities folder is an app called "activity monitor". After you boot up logic and load your session, boot Activity monitor and move the tab to the memory section. What does the circle look like... all blue, any green left?
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which have you had? the crash when moving an audio region, or sluggish start up? I've had endless problems since moving up to 9, it's ridiculous! I find I have to re-highlight an audio region now before deleting it, and there are other annoying things like the adaptive limiter maintains it's latency even when bypassed... I could go on....
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OK here's another ludicrous thing they've done: when you record audio and then move it to another track it retains it's pan position and shifts accordingly!! Why on earth would that be of any use to anyone?? The Logic designers have lost their minds...
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Actually this is user error. Did you pan the track while recording with a fader device? What are your track automation settings when you start to record?

I just did exactly what you describe, and did not experience anything: the track was being recorded in stereo, panned it while I recorded it, copy to a new track after record is complete, and the track played back centered perfectly.

As for the adaptive limiter, in my experience it has always introduced a noticeable latency when added to a track, wether enabled or not.

I have not seen your drag crash issue either.

So again I suggest it's either user error, a bad physical component (ram being what I would focus on), or an old system being migrated when the new system was bought.

I use Logic on a pretty regular basis... more important, i work as head tech for some pretty big artists. I can guarantee you that if Logic were to exhibit the kinds of issues you are having, I would wipe and rebuild the system. Because if Logic WERE to work that way, they wouldn't use it. Simple as that.
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I am moving a piece of audio right now from one track to another, with opposite panning, (in automated read), and the panning is being reversed by the audio region. I've also experienced other new automation anomalies recently such as level changes inconsistent with what was programmed. I can guarantee the adaptive limiter's latency went away when bypassed in Logic 8. The sluggishness is the most intolerable thing right now.
I ran a Techtool test and the ram passed but the video ram failed. So perhaps reinstalling the system would be wise...
I've been using Logic since the early 90's myself.
Thanks for your input.

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Hi Ollwood,

i have the same problem: crash when moving audio region. In some project it's nearly 100% redoable!

Getting mad, can't work...

Did you figure out where does the problem come from?

I m on 10.6.7 Logic 9.1.3 and this is a very recent problem for me
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If the vram failed you have an issue with your hardware and should take it to an authorized Apple repair depot to get looked at.

Can any of you send me a pm with your logic crash report (when it crashed it will make a report... copy the contents into a text file, save and send the text to me)? I might be able to figure out the issue.
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Hi George,

thank you for trying to help! The ram passed the test. Everything seems to be ok.

I m pming you the crash log.

Thanks again!
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