Blatant plug (is this the place for that?) :)


Hi all,

I didn't see an area where people could brag about their own (Logic-based) compositions and productions but this one seemed appropriate enough. ;)

After a lot of production work for others, almost forgetting that I've ever written music myself, I decided to enter a songwriter/producer competition and give them some nice superficial commercial mainstream music, just to see if I have that in me too. ;-) It's all done in Logic (7.2 on a G5) and, due to lack of time, all with softsynths (I usually replace them with real musicians later - though I wouldn't be able to afford the orchestra I'm using in one of the songs). :)

If you want to hear it, go to and if you like it, please vote for me! :) Voting is a huge fuss (you have to register and wait for an email first) but since obviously all musicians just tell everybody they know to vote for themselves, I'll need to try to gather as much votes as possible myself. :) In the end, a professional jury will judge the songs but the voting does count somewhat (though how exactly, is still vague). Oh and you can vote 5 times a day - which means that I can in no way keep up with the people who uploaded their songs a month ago, but maybe if everybody who wants to encourage me, votes for me 5 times a day from now until it closes, I can get somewhere :p

Oh for those interested, apart from the Logic plugins and instruments I used Garritan Personal Orchestra and Kore2, Blockfish, WaveArts plugs, CamelPhat and a hardware Phonic tube compressor. Oh and the catchy tune in 'Part of the Magic' is a sound from the Orwell Minipak - if this song becomes the next summer hit I'll reward them for this nice free sound, it's just perfect :)

So, listen and (hopefully) vote at

Thanks for your support and of course any feedback you may have :)



Thanks, nice to hear positive comments from experienced people. :)

Once you muddled through all the trouble of registering (that site really sucks, I know, sorry) :) I hope you all put the invested time to good use and return daily to press the vote button 5 times, like all the other artists' friends do. ;-)