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Hi all,
I'm getting ready to upload 10 songs for my first cd, all made using Pro X, and I have two songs that flow one into the other and have been created in one project. Since they are two distinct songs, I want the cd listener to be able to start the second song from its beginning - in other words, the cd player must recognize that there are two songs here, and not just one. But I don't know how to do this. I'm asking cd baby, who is making the physical cd, for any hints but until I hear from them, does anyone have any hints? I won't use a professional, I need to do it alone. I've already created a second version of this project where I split them and create two projects so that in case it has to be done like this, I can upload two distinct tracks but have no gap during playback. But I don't know if cd baby will allow me to specify that all songs have, say, a two-secong gap between them except for tracks 7 and 8 which will have no gap. "Little things mean a lot"! So, any ideas? thanks

Pete Thomas

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Inserting track markers (IDs) is something you could do if preparing a CD mastering in Waveburner,. If you can still get hold of it and it works on current OS.

Other than that I think you'd need professional mastering.

I get the feeling if CD baby create the master, then they will have some automated process (like you get in iTunes where you just specify e.g. a 2 second gap)

Even if they could do it, how would they know exactly where you wanted the marker? It's the kind of thing where the artist really needs to attend the mastering.