BLUE Yeti Pro for both Podcasting and music use?

Orren Merton

Logic Samurai / Administrator
Staff member
I've gotten into doing Podcasting using GarageBand and being able to just plug into the laptop and go would be fantastic. But so far, all the USB mics look like they might be good for Podcasting but are crap for everything else, and I just hate the idea of buying a mic that would suck for everything but Podcasting.

The BLUE Yeti Pro just came out, and looks like the first USB mic with real condenser specs, like something generally studio/logic useful as well (and accordingly costs more than 2x what other USB mics cost). Does anyone have any experience with them?


Hi Orren,

Based on my experience with their other mic's and products, I imagine it would be great for many things, and with the XLR mic out, you have not too much to loose. I got a Blue Baby Bottle (yea, a mic name) that was a few hundred $$ and was blown away by the quality of the mic, the holder, and the box the thing came in.

There are a few reviews out as well that could let you know, but like I said, based on my own experiences, I'd buy it in a second.