Boot Camp and MOTU 828 mk ll


I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I've been pulling what little hair I have left out over this.

I have Boot Camp installed on a Snow Leopard drive with Windows XP service pack 2 installed; and upgraded to service pack 3 online. I cannot for the life of me, get Windows to see my MOTU 828 mk ll audio interface. I've tried installing and reinstalling the MOTU Windows XP drivers repeatedly. I ran the Snow Leopard Boot Camp driver installer a second time after I upgraded to service pack 3. And I have even tried the AVT FirePackage firewire drivers in the hopes that maybe the Microsoft drivers were the problem. Still no luck though.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me as to how I can get this all working?
If you haven't already checked...

In XP:

Click "start" and then click "control panel"

If you are using Classic View, double-click the "system" icon
If you are using Category View, click "Performance and Maintenance," -- then click "system"

Click the "hardware" tab
Click "Device Manager"

There should be no yellow exclamation points. If there are, it means that device failed to initialize. Delete any devices with yellow exclamation points (right click the device and select "uninstall") and reboot your system. XP's plug and play manager should find the devices you have (i.e., your MOTO 828). Sometimes the manuals and readme files for installing device drivers are incorrect regarding whether the device driver should be installed before the hardware is connected, or vice versa.

Other times there is a device conflict, which requires you to disable the offending device. XP may have incorrectly identified your 828 as a firewire network device. If so, the network adapters may show an "Unidentified device" -- if you see an I394 Net Adapter when you click the "+" sign next to "Network adapters" -- you can try disabling it. That may help. Video cards and firewire devices frequently cause conflicts by holding onto system resources. Very irritating.

To boldly go...

You can click the "+" signs to expand the devices. Then right-click and select "properties"

A pop-up with more tabs will open. Under the "General" tab, XP will tell you if your device is working or not.

If you can't see your device at all, the device may want to drill down to XP's core, and when it finds XP on top of Snow Leopard...let's just say it is possible that the programmers for the device driver may not support your boot camp configuration. In that case, you might want to contact MOTU and get a ruling on what is supported with the driver you want to load.

Caveat: never tried to do what you are doing. But my G5's have no problem connecting to the PCs on my network. On the other hand, the XP machines cannot connect to the G5s. They can "see" the machines, but cannot read their files.