Boot Camp Windows 7 and MT4


Hi All,

I'm contemplating jumping off into the deep dark unknown and setting up a partition with Snow Leopard and boot camp with the idea of loading Windows 7 on it along with some music software. Does anyone by any long shot of a chance know if there is any way to get my Emagic MT 4 MIDI interface working in this environment. It's working fine on my current Mac Pro tower with OS 10.5.8. But I suspect that a Snow Leopard start up drive with Boot Camp and Windows 7 will require some sort of drivers for this. Any ideas??

Any ideas, tips, head's up, words of warning, cautionary tales, etc with regards to running boot camp and Windows 7 with PC music software in general is welcome.

PS: No, I am by no means abandoning Logic (far from it!). This is just for a specific project.
Hi Eli

I cannot anwer the msot important questions you ask but can offer some reassurance. I've run XP on my MacBook and it is just like having an XP machine. I don't own an MT4 and if it doesn't work there are other cheap MIDI boxes out there if the project is worthy of a bit of expenditure or even borrowing a box of a friend.

Sorry I could not proffer more!

Even general reassurance is helpful at this point 😀

And yeah, if need be, I can pick up an inexpensive midi interface.

I ran Logic 5.51 under Windows XP, and used a Unitor8 with the XP USB drivers with no problems. The latest version (for Leopard 10.5.7) of the Unitor8 driver (Jan 2010, v 2.5) supports the Unitor8, the AMT8 and the MT4. I don't use boot camp, but the drivers for XP that work for the Unitor should work for the MT4. That is, notwithstanding a less than 100% compatibility between Leopard and Apple's implementation of the "boot camp" XP partition. The PC Unitor8 USB (and even the serial version) drivers used to be downloadable: not sure if they still are on the Apple web site, but I do have them. I have not tried the Unitor PC drivers with either Vista or Windows 7. The PC version of Logic doesn't benefit from gobs of memory.
Hi Juan,

Thanks for that - good to know. If/when I undertake this installation, I hope to be using Windows 7 with it. If it's okay, I may ask you to send me the drivers when the time comes; in case they're not downloadable.

Found the MT4 PC driver. It needs to be "unzipped" -- not sure if a decompress utility is a feature of Windows 7, but freeware Winzip or PKunzip programs will unzip it. There is a readme file that explains both the serial and USB install. The instructions for Win2000 work with WinXP -- but I have not tried it with either Vista or Windows 7. By the way, the AMT8 and Unitor8 interfaces have a more sophisticated buffer that works with Logic to provide a tighter sync than what you can get out of the MT4. More importantly, the Unitor8 will sync to LTC, which is much tighter than syncing to MIDI.
That's great! Thanks. I can't seem to download the attached .zip file though. Can you email it to me directly?

I found the web link to the emagic drivers here

The link has been deleted by Apple...

DRIVER ZIP FILE FOR PC Unitor/MT4/AMT8 may be found three posts below in this thread.

Hope that helps.
That's great, thanks. It looks finally like I will be going with Windows XP service pack 2 - upgraded to service pack 3 online once it's installed. So the Unitor drivers should work just fine. I hope to do the installation later today. Wish me luck!
I found the web link to the emagic drivers here

Hope that helps.
Hi, I am hoping someone can help me out - running on a windows 7 machine tho xp drivers should do it, can't find an Emagic MT4 PC driver anywhere - it used to be on Apple's website, but no longer there, no means to contact Apple support on it via that page

If anyone can PLEASE send me anything to do with the MT4 to try on my computer I would be very grateful indeed


Few things last forever (especially web links...).

If you have the Logic Pro 8.0 install disks, the Unitor/AMT8/MT4 Mac OSX drivers are on that. Apple also released a Unitor update for OSX in January 2010, but the file is in dmg format, so I can't upload it here. Get it from Apple while you can...

The PC Unitor8/AMT8/MT4 zip file is attached. You need a free utility called PKunzip or Winzip to decompress it.

I used the driver with Unitor8s on PCs and XP SP3, but never inside an OSX XP compatibility window. Can't say if that will work or not.