Logic Pro 7 & earlier "Bounce" button crashes Logic 7.1.1


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There are a few commands that, more often than not, will crash Logic 7.1.1 on my system. I have workarounds for some of them, but one in particular is wasting a great deal of time.

When I have routed a mix to Outputs 1-2 (or any stereo pair) and click "bounce" to do a mix, more often than not the file-naming dialog box does not open, we hear a familiar, disheartening "boop" and Logics crashes. Occasionally this can be addressed by restarting Logic, but usually I have to restart the iMac. About one third of the time, Logic does not actually close, but freezes and it is impossible to shut down the iMac at all, so I have to cut the power at the wall for a half minute and restart the entire studio.

If it is my first attempt to click "bounce", the crash will happen about 40% of the time. If I have already clicked "bounce" in my work session, i.e., since the last restart, the crash will happen nearly every time.

I get similar crashes when trying to save a setting on a Logic plug-in, e.g., a customised Channel EQ or GoldVerb setting, again about half the time. This is also a pain, but only an occasional one.

In the same vein, attempting to use the "File | Open" dialog box to open a song will usually cause the same crash, but I work around this by using "File | Open Recent" or double-clicking on a song file in the Finder.

Has anyone got any ideas about what is causing these crashes and whether it's a Logic problem or an iMac problem? and is it fixable? Thanks.
I think your problem may be the version of Logic that you are running. Version 7.2 was the first officially Intel compatible version AFAIK. And I see in your specs that you are running on an Intel iMac. So, I think that's your problem.
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I emailed Topher at MacFixit (http://reviews.cnet.com/macfixit/) and he was very helpful and told me to do this:-

Go to the /Macintosh HD/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ folder and move the "Prokit.framework" folder (and the "ProKit(SnowLeopard).framework" folder if also present) to the Desktop. Delete the original(s). Then download and install Prokit 7.0 from this link: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1385

Restart and launch Logic. All should now be well again.
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