Logic Pro X Bounce in mono


I am bouncing a project in mono by putting a gain plugin set to mono on the stereo output. I choose PCM, file type split with destination the bounce folder. What gets produced is a stereo file in the audio folder and two mono files (L and R) in the bounce folder. I try to add one of the mono files to the project but when I do the stereo file gets added. If I drag one of the mono files into the tracks area it has the mono icon until I release the mouse then a stereo file gets added. Any idea on what's going on here?


I figured it out, the split files are named something like 1.L.wav and that extra period was gumming up the works and Logic wouldn't import the file.
Checking add file to project caused that extra stereo file to be made, I guess because the file extensions on the split files are not usable.
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Depending on if there is any stereo information in your mix you've got the best way. If there is no stereo information in your mix and out 1 and 2 are both sides the same you can simply hit the stereo link button on the output fader. This will give you 2 x mono outs both with a bounce button and you can bounce either one as a single channel audio file


1. asking for a split-stereo file will give you file.L.wav and file.R.wav in the bounce folder.

2. adding these to the project will create an interleaved file.wav in the audio files folder.

3. dragging file.L.wav or file.R.wav from the Finder into Logic's Main Window will create file.wav if necessary and play it as the stereo file that it actually is.

So everything is working as designed. If you need a mono file, then either bounce through a mono output or rename file.L.wav to file.wav in the Finder.