Logic Pro (X) Bounce in place extending beyond region ending


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Hello! My bounce in place functionality has been performing increasingly erratically. Even with "include audio tail in region" unchecked, the bounce is extending far beyond the end of the region of the track I'm bouncing. It's happening moreso with Audio files and not MIDI. I'm bouncing to a new track, setting to mute, and not bypassing plugins. When I unchecked "include audio tail in file", it works properly, but it the track has effects on it that I want to keep/bounce, it cuts them off at the end of the existing region.

Thanks for your help!
That was it! It was the UAD Oxide Tape plugin. It's weird, because I'm VERY sensitive to plugins that hiss and that one doesn't ever come across my radar, but there it was :))
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@fuzzfilth you wisdom is so appreciated. I'll lookout for that. Would the 'noise' cause this if the noisy plugin res only on the Stereo Output? or can it occur further up... from a buss routed to the Stereo Output?
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