Logic Pro 9 Bounce in place issue

Peter Ostry

Staff member
Similar bugs are known and you found the known solution :thmbup:

Another way is not to use bounce in place but to send the audio to a bus and record directly from this bus on another track. This is what I usually do because my bounce in place hat other ideas I did not like.


Hi Peter

I did not find any solution... or that's what you meant to say: there is none ;-)
Strangely, I did not have this behaviour before.
It did scare the hell out of my mixer when he started to listen at high volume to the tracks I send him.
I really miss the 'consolidate' function of Pro Tools here. I know how to work with aux's, but bouncing 40 tracks like that is a few hours work. Soloing a track, and using the Bounce to track function takes a similar amount of time...

thanks Hans

Peter Ostry

Staff member
A misunderstanding on my side. I though you meant this as solution:
"I put an empty region at the beginning of the track"
Because such an empty region fixes some problems in Logic.

Obviously the empty region did not help, so I can only recommend to use the bus record method I mentioned above. For recording you can set the locators to the width of the region if you want, there is a key command to do this.


Just a few questions to throw out in the hopes they may lead somewhere:

What happens if you set your core audio driver to the built in Mac audio device? Do you get the same results?

Are all your files at the same bit depth?

Are they all the same file type (aiff or wav or CAF, etc.)?

What happens if you try converting all of your files to one or the other of either aif or wav first; do you get the same results?

Trash prefs??