Logic Pro 9 Bounce problem (not accurate)


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Hello there,

first of all, great forum!

I've been using Logic for 6 months, my favorite production tool for now on. Still, once in a while I end up facing some weird things. Here is one that's driving me just nuts...

I have a song and I cycle a part of it for 8 bars. I do a bounce of this 8 bars. The wave file is imported to the same project and it's not 8 bars long. It has a length of about 7 3 3 3 .122 ... almost 8, but not. The cycle is 8 bars accurate, checked that. Why is the bounced file this length?

Thanks for your time!
I've come across this problem and I've found that when I bounce anything it's best to bounce some silence on each side of the section being bounced. So if its an 8 bar section I'd bounce a 10 bar section and then crop a bar off each end of the resulting bounce file to achieve the required 8 bars.

No idea why the problem arises but I hope this helps.

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I am sure that you have thought of this but...
1.) Zoom in and make sure tat the cycle range is 8 bars
2.) Maybe smart snap is set to sample level, thus making your cycle selection a hair under 8 bars??
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Are there any tempo changes in your project? That could also account for regions being displayed at unexpected lengths.
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