Logic Pro X Bounce to MP3 creating file with no content

I am bouncing a multi-track project to an MP3 file, but when I look at the MP3 in Finder, it is only 4KB, and has no content. When I set up the parameters for the bounce, there is a message at the bottom of the parameter xcreen saying that this bounce would use about 180MB of space on my hard drive. But the file produced is only 4KB!

Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe I need to re-install Logic?
Don't worry Jan, brilliant solutions have come out of 'stupid' ideas before! No, the tracks are all playing beautifully before I create the MP3.
Yet another "stupid" question...
Are you sure you are looking at the file created from the bounce?
I mean is it possible you have directed the bounce to a place and you are looking at the file in the wrong place?
Or .... can it be that you've managed to create some kind of alias ....the size of the file (4K) sounds a bit like an alias pointer.....
Otherwise I'm lost, I have no idea what might be wrong.
Thanks Jan, but I am sure I am looking at the file. I have two screens, and I am looking at Finder on one of them as the file is created and I can see it pop in. In the past I have successfully created MP3s, but lately it has stopped working.
This happens when one of your channels strips ( check them all even hidden) is set to "surround". Fine the one or one (s) that are, switch them back to stereo. That should solve your issue.