Logic Pro 9 Bounced 16 bit - Shows 32 bit


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Hi there,

My co-composer is having trouble importing a file I sent him into his workspace. I bounced the file at 16 bit/ 44.1, but when he tries to import Logic tells him the file can't be imported, because it is a 32 bit file. Checked the file info after bouncing it and it really says 16 bit on my computer. Tried bouncing it a second time, but the same problem occurs when he tries to import it. Does anyone know what might cause this problem?

Thank you in advance!

Let me just ask a couple of questions.

You are both using Logic?

If so Logic only uses bit depth of 16 and 24 bit as you probably know so that makes me wonder if the message your partner gets is possibly referring to 32bit as in 32bit OS.

Although it theoretically shouldn't matter once the file is exported could your partner be using 64bit version of Logic and you be using 32?
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