Logic Pro 9 bounced to mp3, want more volume


I've bounced multiple solo acoustic guitar tracks to mp3 for a future CD; the normalize feature works great but there is one track where I'd like to have the mp3 a bit louder; tried adjusting volume/gain in the mixer but that didn't do it; help pls.....
"For a future CD", don't bounce to MP3 -- it's lossy. If you're using Logic Express, bounce to a 16 bit AIFF or WAV file (under PCM in the bounce menu). If you have Logic Studio, bounce to 24-bit, and use Waveburner once you're ready to burn a CD.

To make a track louder, add the compressor or multipressor plug-in to either the track or the Stereo Out, depending on your preference (see the manual for use). If you have Logic Studio, you can forgo all of that until you're ready to burn a CD, then you can use the plug-ins in Waveburner (so that you easily compare the volume/tone across multiple tracks).
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Ken Adams

What he said... Also, if you have Logic Studio, you can use the AdLimit Adaptive Limiter and boost the output gain if need be to add more perceived loudness without hitting digital zero. The adaptive limiter works as a brick wall limiter, and can give you a quick and dirty "master" in your tracking/premix phase, how this track might sound against other tracks, etc. Just don't over do it, or it will sound bad. The default setting is usually more than adequate.

But for stuff that's getting closer to completion, the advice from lighttrainends is a good guide. You can also use the Adlimiter there sparingly for an additional/alternative tool.

None of this of course takes the place of a final product being mastered by a qualified mastering engineer.
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