Logic Pro 9 Bouncing in Mono?


Hello, all -

Pardon the question with the answer undoubtedly obvious to all but myself:

How does one bounce to a mono file?

Any track is routed (either directly or via buses) to an ouput, presumably stereo. Even if I specifically set the track and the output to a mono output, such as Ouput 1, the Bounce window will still include a stereo output title (Output 1-2), and the resulting bounced file will be a stereo file.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for any guidance.



Self follow-up:
I found a way around this. By choosing the Bounce button in the appropriate output channel strip, instead of the Bounce command in the File menu, all worked well: The bounce dialog was entitled "Output 1" instead of "Output 1-2", and the resulting bounced file was indeed mono.

Now my new question: Why is the behaviour different if one uses the Bounce (Bnce? Beyonce?) button as opposed to the Bounce menu command?

i dont know but it sure is annoying..i had to redo way too many bounces for one project i was working on before i found the "logic".. glad you found the answer i would have posted


It's been this way ever since Logic 7. I think the reason is that when you invoke the bounce command from the menu, it's not tied specifically to a physical output the way it is when you actually click the bnce buttons on the channel strips themselves. So Logic has no way of knowing which outputs you want to bounce. So it is programmed to default to output 1-2.

They should rename the bounce menu command to something like "bounce output 1-2", since that is what it is hard wired for. Think of it as a shortcut to bounce output 1-2 and if you want any outputs bounced other than 1-2, you need to do it via the buttons on the channel strips.


Thank you for the replies...
Eli - Indeed, a clearer name for the command would help. Still, a better solution would perhaps be to make the menu Bounce command more flexible. I would have expected that the menu Bounce command would bounce whatever channel strip happened to be active.

I also wish - although perhaps this is impossible given Logic's architecture - that bounces were not limited to outputs. Rather, that one could bounce essentially any channel strip - a Software Instrument track, an Aux, etc. Actually, it seems like this should be possible, since Bounce in Place does just that at least for Software Instrument tracks...