Logic Pro 8 bouncing questions

I want to bounce a project to 24 bit, but how do I know for certain that my project is 24 bit in the first place?

When i go to Preferences-Audio, the 24 Bit Recording box is checked. So does that mean my project is all 24 bit?

Because if the project was made at 16 bit, isn't there no point to bouncing to 24 bit, because it won't affect the quality anyways?

So if in the future I want to bounce a project to 32 bit, would I just have to select 32 bit when I am bouncing, or do I have to do something at the very beginning, before I start working on the project? Like change it to 32 at the beginning or something.

I searched through the manual and it doesn't address this stuff. Thanks for the help.


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If you look in 'Bin' and select info you will see the type of files contained in your song. If your project settings say 24bit then the bin should show that.
At present there is a max 24 bits to be had for a project. That gives more than enough dynamic range. I doubt if there would ever be any meaningful additional benefit having project settings at 32 bit and bouncing in that.


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Bounce to a 24bit file if you are intending to master it next or to 16bit (with dither) if you are burning a CD or posting to the net etc.
Don't confuse the bit depth of the FILE with the bit depth of the audio engine (which is 32bit float for Logic Core Audio and DTDM and 48bit fixed for Logic DAE).

In every case it is desirable to bounce to 24bit, unless what you're bouncing will go DIRECTLY to a CD-DA (Compact Disc Digital Audio..... so it also has to be 44.1KHz).

If what you're bouncing will be subsequently mastered for CD, then still bounce to 24bit (and don't dither). Dithering is the absolute final stage, just before it either becomes an MP3/AAC etc. or burned onto a CD-DA.

It is irrelevant whether the actual audio files started out as 16bit or 24bit. This has nothing to do with the audio engine, which like I said before is much higher. In fact, some have advocated that Logic be able to bounce to 32bit.