Logic Pro 7 & earlier Broken Dongle ! Any Ideas ?


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As anyone got any ideas on how I can solve a problem ?

I have Logic platinum 5.5 for windows on a Carrilion PC.

It works fine and dont really need to update as it does the job.

I recently moved studio premises and broke the key.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get round this, get another key or repair the broken one.

Alternitively, I do have a version 6 the big box with a key, but have lost the autorization code, doh !

Any sugestions, apriciated.
As anyone got any ideas on how I can solve a problem ?

That is probably no longer possible. In the past you could buy the upgrade to the latest version of Logic (didn't matter that you don't plan to install it) to become an active customer and then get call AppleCare for support with your XSKey. But Logic Studio doesn't require an XSKey anymore anyway, so I would expect that they stopped dealing with the XSKey and in these (upgrade) cases just provide a new serial number, which doesn't require an XSKey. But that wouldn't help you on the PC.

So, the only valid option - I think - is eBay to buy a used copy.
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