Buffer noises from third party plug-ins and instruments


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Hi, I haven't found anything on this in the forum search, although it seems like a blatant and annoying bug that I've put up with for too long now.:mad:

When I stop playback anywhere in a song that uses third party plug-ins like Amplitube or EZDrummer, and then return to the beginning and start playback, the buffer will clear in an audible burst of noise just before the first region on those tracks. It isn't really a biggie when tracking or mixing, but when I bounce I always have to make sure to clear the buffer beforehand or write automation to those tracks. Very time-consuming.

This doesn't happen on logic plugs, so it can obviously be avoided, why then do I have to put up with up on third party plugs.

Is there a way to avoid this that I don't know about?:confused:
This has driven me crazy for years but it might be in the third party side of things. For instance Atmosphere has always done this but the new Omnispere doesn't. So there is hope!
I find this happening all the time, in my case, it's the tail of a reverb or drum sample or whatever.

My normal procedure now is to wind back a bar or 2 before the bounce position and play forward till just before the start of the bounce - this audibly empties the buffer of stray rubbish.

my bounces are always clean now.

It's an easy procedure and saves brain damage :)