Logic Pro 8 Bug? L8/K3


NI and I have discovered the following:

With the default keyset, I can enter text freely in the Database search field of Kontakt3.

take the character 'a' which in L8 gets 'Track Automation':

in K3 it gets the letter 'a' in the search field.

IOW, L8 ( or Apple) allows the text entry for K3 to take priority over L8.


If I re-assign 'a' to be 'Arrange' ( to open the Arrange window - something I've been doing for many years), then I cannot type 'a' into K3!

If I try, I open the Arrange window!

So in this case, where I've reassigned a Keystroke, L8 ( or Apple) have /not/ allowed K3 to take priority over L8.

Repeat this problem for all the other keystrokes I have re-assigned!

1. Revert to the default keyset or
2. put up with manual searching for sample and instruments in K3

has anyone come across this before?
has anyone found that, despite reassigning their key commands, K3 works well?
what is the best way to report this?
how can I improve the language of the report?




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not even the right address to post this to?

I don't know if it's a Logic bug or an OS one.

NI say it ain't them


Peter, we have listed out the various URLs to send feedback, including bug reports, to Apple right here:

BTW, in Logic Pro 8, there is a link in the help menu "provide Logic Pro Feedback".

FWIW, some KCs really shouldn't be changed - although it is a bit furstrating when old habits cause you to run into problems such as this one. I always used the standard KCs for opening various windows - Comm 1 for Arrange, Comm 3 for Score etc.

What is curious is that typing B, E, X F, K and other letters assigned to various logic functions into the search area in K3 causes no problems.

BTW, what Logic, K3, and OS versions are you using? You might want to include that info when you write to Apple.

kind regards

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Thanks Mark - from your post I get that there has been a definite ergonomic deterioration here.

From early days I have used:

a = Arrange
s = Score
m = Matrix ( which is now called Piano Roll AFAIK) :)
e = Edit

Good grief - can't get more intuitive than that :)

Mac Pro Intel 2.66
OS 10.5.7
Logic 8.0.2

Bug report sent - now, who was it hereabouts was talking about how easy it was to get feedback from the developers?


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