BUG: Paste on Multiple Tracks: Use the selected and following tracks


I am experiencing a bug in Logic 8.0.2. When I copy regions from another song into my current song and select Paste with the first option "Use the selected and following tracks", the resulting paste location is completely arbitrary. It does NOT paste starting with the selected track. Sometimes it's higher and sometimes it's lower than the selected track, but it is always far from where it should be (many tracks away). I think, despite the fact that the first option is selected, somehow it is still trying to interpret what kind of track it thinks it is and tries to decide where it should go based on that, even though the first option is supposed ignore that very kind of information.

My studio computer is currently running Mac OS 10.4.11

This bug is reproducible. It happens every time I paste MIDI regions from another song. I simply deal with the frustration and move on.