Bugs in position reverse.

Urban Utan

Bugs in position reverse.

in the PianoRollEditor, in 4/4 metrum, in bar 9, I have 4 different notes, each note exactly on each beat.

Then I choose : functions->transform->reverse position->inside 9.1.1 and 10.1.1 .

Then I click "select only" .

The result is that notes in bar 10 are selected instead of my 4 notes in bar 9 .

This is because the region the notes are in, starts at position 2.1.1 .

This region-shift is not recognized by the ReversePosition-preset of the TransformFunction-window. (BUG 1) .

So I shifted the region to position 1.1.1 and adjusted the "reverse position->inside" to 8.1.1 and 9.1.1 .

Now my 4 notes are selected correctly when I click "select only" in the TransformFunction-window.

Now the next bug.

With my 4 notes selected, I click "operate only" , In the TransformFunction-window.

The position of the 4 notes are reversed correctly, except for that they are shifted exactly 1 beat. (BUG 2) .

Thank you for your time.


Urban Utan

Urban Utan

Bugs in position reverse (continued)

These bugs are not resolved in the LogicPro 9.1 update.

The cause for the second bug lies in the fact that

the "reverse position->inside"-function, INCLUDES events that

start exactly at the upper limit.

So when I do :

"reverse position->inside 1.1.1 to 2.1.1" , an

event that starts at 2.1.1 is included in the operation.

While this is correct for the lower limit (1.1.1), it

is not correct for the upper limit (2.1.1) .


Urban Utan