"bump" in a track


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Hi and thank you in advance. I have a "bump" of the guitar head hitting the mic stand than I want to remove. I don't seem to be able to figure out how to denoise the bump (even with the books and all). I cant figure out how to launch denoiser. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Greg


How about isolating that bump as a region ,placing it on a new track, and running it through a steep low cut or high pass filter. Just for the duration of the bump. If you like the result, you can bounce it to disc, and then place it back on your regular guitar track.
How is it in the track? Is it a hit without any guitar, or are you trying to remove a thump from a played part? Is it a single not? Has the part already been played and couple be copied again and pasted from another part of the same performance?

Questions questions questions.... and each one has a different reply.

Pete Thomas

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I agree with Eli, that if it's just one single bump, you'll probably have more luck isolating the bump and doing this manually than with a denoiser plugin.

As George says, if you, let us know more about the context you could get some more specific answers.