Burn CD on Mac Mini no optical drive


Spent several hours doing a final mix on a song yesterday- took several hours due to mulitiple Logic crashes. And I was just thinking how stable it was the other day.

I "shared" it with iTunes and was overall pretty satisfied- always sound different through iTunes. I thought I would be able to burn a CD through "home sharinging" but Burning is not allowed on the other end. Then I copied the project to a flash drive with plans to open it on a laptop that has Logic X and an optical drive. For some reason the flash drive wouldn't accept the file.


I always though that Macs with no drive where able to access a network drive for re-installing O/S. Etc but but I'm not seeing that feature anymore. I suppose I could connect an old FireWire CD burner but my external HD is on my FireWire port (and my burner is fw400anyway).