Logic Pro 9 Burn CD with multiple tracks from Logic


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Hi all-

I purchased Logic from the AppStore (not the boxed version), and I've been using it to record and clean up live performances, for which it has been fantastic. Typically I make MP3s for folks, but recently I have been asked to provide audio CDs.

The problem is that the performances are typically several parts, which they would like as separate tracks (e.g. one track for each movement of a Beethoven symphony). I've been setting markers at the beginning of each movement, but that does not seem to translate into a CD track on a burned disc. I've been going through the manual without success.

I would like to teach some other folks on how to do this for times when I can't make the recording, so hopefully there is some easy to do this.

Thanks a lot for any help!
When you bounce a to a wave file, you should be able to tell Logic the begin and end points. Then you would import your wave files into your CD burner program. I still use Waveburner alot, but apparently it is no longer included in the app store version.

You could also split your "big" project into separate smaller Logic files, and export those, etc.