Logic Pro 9 Bus Send Limit in Logic 9.1??

Hello Everyone! Is there a limit of EIGHT (8) Sends per channel in Logic 9??
What I am trying to do is set up 8 independent headphone mixes via Bus sends per channel, and I seemingly cannot set up any more sends for EFX, additional busses, etc etc.
I am sure there is a simple solution (modifier key?) , any and all help is much appreciated!
8 headphone mixes! Wow you're a glutton for punishment!
Tell me about it.... Anyhoo...is 8 the limit?? Or should I be using a key command somewhere in the channel strip to instantiate more sends?? Or perhaps it is a global preference that I am missing?? Or maybe I should tell these guys to get used to sharing some headphone mixes!
ideally You'd have a cue system for the band. This way you only need to use one buss and eveyone can do their own mixes. Much less stressfull and time consuming.

There is a limit to the number of busses you can have. All DAWs have a limit AFAIK, just like real consoles.

The easy way to deal with this is to limit the number of mixes / busses you are going to use. So yes, get sections or whatever to share the same mix.

off the top of my head you could use the Aux channels as additional sources for more busses.

So for example Make Bus 8's aux fader an "extension" mix. Set all the sends on the channels for 8 to unity and Now on the Aux channel receiving Bus 8 you essentially have another 8 busses for more headphone mixing goodness. Am I being clear?

You as well. And I hope they appreciate the work you are going through for them. I absolutely HATE dealing with headphone mixes... ;)

Logic maxes out at 8 sends. I've never needed more than 5. The biggest hardware mixer I've ever used also had 8 sends.

ProTools maxed out at 5 sends until about a year ago. Now it maxes out at 10 sends.

A hardware cue system [example: www.heartechnologies.com/hb/hearbacksystem.htm ] is much better than trying to do it all from the engineer's position.
Yeah, I figured. I used to run Pro Tools, and never used more than 4 sends..interesting......Just trying to find a software workaround that doesn't include racking up my credit cards even higher....Thanks again everyone!