Bypass all control surfaces


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I launch Logic pro 10.4.8, I need to Bypass all control surfaces. If I don't choose the Bypass, my keyboard's C6 #84 doesn't work unless I go to Bypass all control surfaces, then I will work. It bothers me a lot, everytime everytime I launch it, and I need to go Bypass. How can I solve this problem? Thanks a ot!!

Peter Ostry

Staff member
I think Logic has this note assigned to something, it learned it somehow. Assignments are stored in Logic's Controller Assignments. Everything in there gets processed first and does not reach Environment and Sequencer. Bypassing Control Surfaces simply disables Controller Assignments.

If you have custom assignments, copy the file
to the desktop or another location, do not change the name.
This is your backup.

Then try one of the following:
  • Main menu "File > Control Surfaces > Rebuild Defaults" or
  • Delete the file <User>/Library/Preferences/ (Logic wil make a new empty one automatically) or
  • Open Controller Assignments, find that individual assignment and delete it.
With the first two actions you lose all custom assignments. Assignments for hardware control surfaces (if you have such an installation) are set to their default state.