Bypassing FX plugins should remove latency!


In Logic 7, whenever I enabled the "bypass" button in a FX plugin (or option-clicked the plugin Insert in the mixer), the latency it caused would disappear along with the effect.

As of Logic 8 to the present, this is no longer true. I bypass the effect, but the latency is still there. Therefore, every time I am ready to master I have to load each effect rather than having it loaded and "bypassed" in my template.

This is a workflow killer. I'd like to kindly request that this feature be brought back to Logic.

You can create a single ChannelStrip Preset that will load all those plugins in the stack, along with all their settings.

The difference between BYPASS and DISABLE is that BYPASS is instant, and doesn't create a glitch. DISABLE will obviously create a slight glitch. But Logic doesn't have a DISABLE feature like in ProTools, so you have to take the plugin right out unless the plugin itself has this feature. For example, UAD plugins have a global preference whereby Logic's BYPASS can either be bypass (plugin is still technically active) or disable (it's as if you have removed the plugin completely).
I use channel strip presets, which are handy, but would still love to be able to quickly and easily disable plugins. Mainly because I hate it when Pro-Tools can do something that Logic can't!