Logic Pro 9 Cable Switcher + Midi Record Question


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Hi Everyone!

First time poster here, with a question for the Environment gurus here. I have created something in the environment that allows me to use an Instrument to feed midi to a cable switcher. The Cable switcher is controlled by the feeder's midi note information fed into a Transformer that fixes the Note data to Fader messages and randomizes data byte 2's value between 10 values (0-9). The outputs of the cable switcher are being sent to separate transformers that apply midi channel numbers 1-8 to each corresponding output. The first two outputs do not receive midi data piped through the cable switcher, but the remaining outputs from the cable switcher receive midi note information upon attaching a monitor to it.

The objective of this setup is to take a static midi pattern, and route it through multiple other objects by having it randomly select which instrument to send the note through. I have been successful with routing the individual outputs of the cable switcher directly to other channel strip instruments, however it comes at a bit of a downside. I am unable to record the midi notes that are send to the individual instruments.
I attempted to pipe the outputs of the cable switcher to the sequencer input, and set 8 channel strips and aux inputs to accept midi channels 1-8 individually. Upon starting the transport, the midi notes were going back into Logic, but they were not separated into multiple channels. The channel strip would play all notes instead of the the ones specific to the instrument.
Is there a way to record the split midi into the arrange for further editing?

I've been able to do precisely this same thing with some success in Ableton, but I was really hoping to do some Environment magic to make this technique work.


Is there a way to record the split midi into the arrange for further editing?
Go to Logic Settings > Recording and enable "Autodemix by midi channel..." which will switch Logic into multi player mode so it can channelize the incoming midi data. Set the tracks in the arrange to unique midi channels 1-16. Arm the tracks (R) in question and hit record. Bear in mind: during the recording all data will be recorded on the selected track, but when you hit stop then the data will be autodemixed by midi channel to the armed (channel matching) tracks.