Logic Pro 9 Can anybody HELP!

Can any one give me the steps to be able to MIDI UP my 'KORG Triton le' via 'Logic' on my Mac Book Pro and my 'FIREFACE 800'...I have tried what seems to be everthing! but still cannot get it to work! I have connected MIDI/USB lead correctly (ie) 'IN' to 'OUT' and 'OUT' to 'IN on keyboard...I have set up a channel in Logic for an EXTERNAL instrument >Window > Environment etc...but still no luck...I also have a stereo Audio connection from my keyboard through 'FIREFACE 800' for monitoring purposes, though I am not sure this is necessary as I thought MIDI would handle this audio thing! HELP please!
You don't provide spec of your system besides mentioning about your Triton Le and your Firface 800... Which OSX do you have on your Mac? what are the other specs of your Mac? What version of Logic are you using?

If you don't understand the following, you need to acquire basic knowledge that would be too long to explain here.

Although you did not clearly stated how you did your audio/MIDI connections, I assume that you have connected your gears properly. If you did not, the following will be of no help at all...

Proceed from step 1 through 4 with Logic NOT running.

Step 1: -Make sure that you have the latest firmwares/updates installed on you gears (Mac, Fireface, Triton, etc...).

Step 2: -Install the latest drivers of Fireface and Triton on your Mac.
Note that updaters often do both, firmware and drivers installation. Ensure that you are installing the proper firmware and drivers, so read attentively and in doubt, avoid installing before contacting the RME or Korg tech support!

Step 3: -Ensure that Triton Le and Fireface are detected by your Mac. That implies that you have completed successfully Step 2. Go check in your Mac AudioMIDI Setup window to see if both appear in the MIDI window, and that the Fireface appears as an audio device in the Audio window. If these don't show up, something did not go as due during the previous steps...

Step 4: -Check the 32b option in the Info of the Logic icon, in order to have it booting in 32bit mode.

Step 5: -Quit all other apps on your Mac. and Start Logic and let it complete its loading/scanning process. Avoid touching your gears and anything on your Mac during same.

Step 6: -In Logic, go in Preferences/Audio/CoreAudio, ensure the Enabled is checked. Select your Fireface in the Output Devices and Input Devices menus. Close the Preference window.

Step 7: -Create a new project from an empty template.

Step 8: -In the Arrange window, create a new (Software Instrument) track. Yes, a Software Instrument track for now!

Step 9: -in the ChannelStrip, click on the square underneath I/O (above Stereo Out). From the opening menu, select the External Instrument plugin.

Step 10: -On the External Instrument window that just opened (if not, double-click on it, its name should appear on the square underneath I/O, above Stereo Out), select your Triton in the MIDI Destination menu and select your Fireface in the Input menu.

Step 11: -Click on the R little square on the track header, (it should turn red) in order to arm the track to be ready for recording and make it audible in Logic.

Now playing keys on your Triton show cause Logic to react to incoming MIDI (check the MIDI IN readout in the Transport display area, see attached image below) and your sound coming in from your Triton audible either via your Fireface output and/or Logic (depending how you hooked up your audio cables)..

If this is the case, save your project, so you could start from there for further other projects, saving you many of the above steps...

If you still don't get sound or MIDI coming to Logic, then you would have to go through some troubleshooting procedures, starting from you lack of basic knowledge...

The above describe a simpler method to set up Triton/Fireface/Logic to play/record one track. Considering that your Triton is multitimbral, you could setup Logic differently in order to take advantage of that feature; but for that, you will have to do some reading...


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To add a little to this excellent tutorial: midi doesn't usually transfer audio (it used to be used to transfer audio from samplers way back in the stone age of midi days), so your audio FROM the triton will need to go into an audio input into Logic Pro.

There are actually special devices in Logic that allow midi to be sent to your device to trigger it's sound module, and also have a return for audio back into Logic so you can use 1 track for this rather than 2: 1 midi and 1 audio input.

One other thing: in your triton, make sure you set it for "Local off". This way you won't be triggering the internal sound generator form both the physical keyboard AND the midi data returning to it from Logic. You can find that in your system utilities area on your keyboards settings.

Good luck... it seems confusing at first, there are a couple of things to make it easier: ins go to outs... follow that simple rule and you will be ok. Also try and visualize the path from beginning to end. I find that can really simplify things for the beginner.
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