Can anyone recommend a Mastering Software(s)?


I used Waveburner before and like it as I know the software and plugins being back in the Logic family environment, but I read on the net that it is not a good idea to produce a DDP with Waveburner. Support seems to be lacking.

So, as a Logic User, which mastering software should I go for?

Thanks for your help


Mike Weber

New Member
Steinberg Wavelab Elements 8 is a good product for home studios on a budget. I've been using it for three years to create demo-level masters. LPX will do a great job of mastering your individual projects. After mastering your individual projects, you can bring them into Wavelab and create loudness-normalized CD's (for example) along with global dynamic tools (EQ, limiting, compression, and more). It provides you with editing functionality, fade tools, and audio metering and analysis.